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Stone Oil Candle with Forest Green Pottery Base

Stone Oil Candle with Forest Green Pottery Base

SKU: RC0122

This Crystal Agate Oil Candle with a Handmade Pottery Base will compliment any home and last a lifetime. The stone is 6 - 7 inches and specially selected by our Craftsman for its unique colors and banding. Unlike the base on other Rock Candles that use a small common glass container, our base is beautiful Handmade Pottery that will hold enough oil for up to 5 hours of enjoyment. Use Indoors or Outdoors the candle is Smokeless & Odorless. Use Citronella outdoors to keep the insects away.  Our candle comes with a starter kit that includes everything you need to get started. The Pottery Base picture is a example of the different shades that are on the inside & outside of the base. The Stone cannot be removed from the base and the inside is not visible. The base is not sold separately.

  • Additional Information

    Aproximately 6 - 7 inches (Natural stone varies in Shape & Size)

    5 Hour Handmade Glazed Pottery Base

    Glass Wick Holder

    Fiberglass Lifetime Wick

    Refill Funnel

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